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Today’s IT departments play many roles: development, testing, technology implementation and migration, hardware maintenance, and training, to name just a few. Unfortunately, increased responsibilities don’t always come with larger staff. Many IT departments end up juggling too many projects without enough resources. In a world driven increasingly by e-commerce, that is simply dangerous.

Every IT department occasionally needs some help. Maybe you have been handed a new initiative and you don’t have the resources to manage it. Perhaps you are trying to convince your company to invest in a systems upgrade, but need objective analysis to support your conclusions.

Whatever you need, Resource1 Technology Services provides simplicity to the resource selection process by offering the “best price” with the most qualified IT professional. From preventive maintenance to specialized software, we have the knowledge base that fits your needs.

At Resource1, we strive to maintain technical expertise by keeping up with technological advances in the computing industry. We only provide seasoned certified technicians, so we can offer the best support possible.

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